Reutter – Innovative closure technology

Masterpieces of german tradition and innovation.

Reutter – Innovative Cap Technology

Masterpieces of german tradition an innovation.

The Reutter Group


cap technology.

Reutter is a modern company firmly established in Europe and 6 locations worldwide. Innovative solutions in closure technology have made us one of the leading companies in this industry. Our key area of operations is in developing and producing tank filler, radiator and oil filler caps which are mostly made of plastic using injection moulding. We also focus on innovative, pioneering system solutions in tank peripherals. We enjoy a pioneer status in SCR system technologies worldwide.

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Reutter GmbH
Innovative Cap Technology
Hans-Paul-Kaysser-Str. 10
71397 Leutenbach
Phone: +49 7195 95987-0
Fax: +49 7195 95987 11


Industriestr. 23
5600 St. Johann i. Pg.
Phone: +43 64 127824 0
Fax: +43 64 1278 23


Reutter SK s.r.o.
Priemyselnà 9053/7
90701 Myjava
Phone: +421 34 6940912
Fax: +421 34 6940903


Reutter LLC
30150 Telegraph Road, Suite 172
Bingham Farms, MI 48025
Phone: +1 248 6219121
Fax: +1 248 6219121


Reutter FG S. de R.L.
Antigua Carr. Mexico-Cuautla
No. 1700
Volcanes de Cuautla
62757 Cuautla, Mor.
Phone: +52 735 353 2893
Fax: +52 735 353 2844


Reutter Innovative Closure
Technologies P Ltd.
31 NP SIDCO Industrial Estate
Ambattur, Chennai 600 098
Phone: +91 44 4207 7909

Jost Automotive and ITIB belong to the Reutter family